Kenmore and Taymouth

Kenmore Bridge, Taymouth Castle, Taymouth Gate, Rock Lodge, Loch Tay


Kenmore lies at the Eastern end of Loch Tay; a planned estate village in the precincts of the privately owned Taymouth Castle. The whitewashed cottages stand neat and charming.

Car Park Map Coordinates: 56.584310, -3.997771

Do yourself a massive favour and park up at the car park at Kenmore and just spend a few hours walking around the place. Walk along the banks of the River Tay, take in Maxwell’s Temple, marvel at Taymouth Castle. The walking here is fantastic; great scenery, lots of points of interest and easy going on the old soles.

Kenmore Bridge

Map Coordinates: 56.585733, -4.001772

A beautiful old bridge. Often driven over without much notice by the visitor because it forms part of the A827. Anywhere in Scotland where you find a castle or a stately home of any standing, you will usually find wonderful practical architecture like viaducts or bridges.

Taymouth Castle

Map coordinates: 56.594542, -3.981389

At time of writing, Taymouth Castle is undergoing a major renovation. If you’re planning to visit the castle, it may not be possible to get that close to it. However, the views along the River Tay are worth exploring by themselves.

Taymouth Gate

Map Coordinates: 56.585348, -3.997976

Easily viewed; the road passes under it to reach Taymouth Castle from the main road.

Maxwell’s Temple

Entrance to Path coordinates: 56.586288, -4.002068

Temple Map coordinates (approx.): 56.589681, -3.995185

Built by Lord Breadlebane in 1831 and dedicated to his wife Mary. Accessed by taking the path downstream on the left hand side of the river (if looking downstream).



Rock Lodge

Google Map Coordinates: 56.597197, -3.986150

Just a short walk along the River Tay, Rock Lodge is a gothic folly situated across the river from Taymouth Castle. It was built in the early 1800’s as part of the remodelling of the estate. Although Rock Lodge is shown in the pictures as a ruin, it is has undergone a stylish remodel and is now a private residence.

Chinese Bridge

Bridge Map coordinates: 56.596533, -3.984676

Taymouth Castle can be reached from Rock Lodge by a bridge over the River Tay known as the Chinese Bridge. At the time of writing, access may be limited to both the bridge and the Taymouth Castle estate but it is well worth exploring, being a gentle stroll down the beautiful River Tay.

Loch Tay Crannog

Car Park Map Coordinates: 56.578630, -4.004468

The Loch Tay Crannog is just a 5 minute drive from Kenmore. Well worth a visit to understand how people 2,500 years ago on Loch Tay. In peak times, you may have to park in Kenmore and walk.

Loch Tay

Pictures in and around the stunning Loch Tay.